Monday, December 15, 2008

What did Kings, queens, and average egyptians wear?

A average Egyptian usually wore linen. The men would wear a kilt. The length of the kilt would change throughout the time periods. Just like how our fashion goes in and out as well. The woman would wear a dress that had two straps. Although the the children didn't even wear clothes on a regular basis in till they were a teenager! Boy am I glad that I didn't live in that society!Away from the common Egyptian the kings wore the softest linen. They wore tons of gold, copper, precious gems, and other metal. This was a sign of wealth. The queen would wear a common dress with soft linen and wear the finest jewelry. She would also wear heavy make-up. She saw this as making herself beautiful.

Did they ever dress the same if so why and when???

They didn't usually dress the same but when they went to a banquet they often dressed similar. No one can figure out why though. In the pictures that they have painted it shows them wearing big earrings, stylish wigs, heavy make-up, and pleated gowns. This was a sign of wealth. I am glad that our society doesn't have to dress the same when we go to a banquet.

How did they dye their hair and paint thier nails, did every do this?

In Egypt they had a natural die called henna. This die was a reddish to a rusty brown. They would put it in their hair or put it on their nails. This is similar to our nail polish. Although, I would rather use nail polish than their nail die. Also there is no telling how many washes it will take for the die to get out of their hair. Usually though the upper class ladies only died their hair. They thought this made them look attractive. Some people today in the USA also think that when they get their hair done.

Did everyone wear make-up, if so how much and what kind???

Men, woman, and children all wore make-up. The Kohl they wore protected their eyes from the sun. They also made oils from fat and insects that would give their skin moisture. They couldn't just go to the store and but some lotion. They had to make this oil. Last,wealthy Egyptians wore just about as much make-up as a super model would wear in the united states!